Ultimate Beneficiary Ownership (Ubo)

The Ultimate Beneficial Owner Regulation are the critical element in the UAE’s approach to combating money laundering and financing of terrorism and illegal organizations, and financing the spread of weapons of mass destruction under the Financial Action Task Force’s requirements and the National AML strategy’s determinants. In relation to the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership, we will Perform a Preliminary Assessment of your business in fulfilling and complying with the process, procedures, and submission UBO Declaration. We are here to help you and your business comply with Ultimate Beneficial Ownership requirements efficiently and professionally.

Our Services

Reviewing the shareholder and  organization structure of the Company  to identify the beneficial owner(s) of  the Company.

  • Comprehensive Shareholder Analysis: Our experienced legal team conducts a meticulous review of the company’s shareholder structure. This involves examining shareholding patterns, equity distribution, and ownership stakes. By scrutinizing these details, we identify the key stakeholders and their respective roles, ensuring transparency in ownership and control.
  • Beneficial Ownership Identification: MBC Legal goes beyond surface-level analysis to uncover the true beneficial owners of the company. We delve into organizational hierarchies, cross-reference shareholder records, and apply due diligence processes to trace ownership chains. This thorough investigation helps in revealing the individuals or entities that ultimately exercise control over the company, providing clarity and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Advising the Client on obtaining  relevant documents for identification  and submission of the UBO

  • Guided Documentation Procurement: Our expert legal advisors offer step-by-step guidance on obtaining the essential documents required for UBO identification. We assess your specific needs and the regulatory framework you operate within, compiling a tailored checklist of documents such as identification records, proof of ownership, and corporate registration documents. This ensures you gather all necessary documentation efficiently, minimizing delays and ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.
  • Detailed Submission Support: MBC Legal provides end-to-end assistance in the preparation and submission of UBO information. Our team meticulously reviews the collected documents to verify their completeness and accuracy. We then assist in compiling these into a structured and compliant format for submission to the relevant authorities. Our thorough approach helps prevent common submission errors and ensures that the process of declaring the UBO is smooth and compliant with regulatory standards.

Preparing the UBO Register, UBO Declaration Form along with  Partners/Shareholders Register as  required by the Federal Laws  regulating UBO

  • Comprehensive UBO Register Compilation: We accurately compile the UBO Register by identifying and documenting all beneficial owners, ensuring it meets all federal requirements and provides a clear record of ownership.
  • Precise UBO Declaration Form and Partners/Shareholders Register Preparation: Our team prepares the UBO Declaration Form and Partners/Shareholders Register, verifying all ownership details to ensure compliance and transparency in your company’s ownership structure.

Assisting Clients in submitting the  UBO details to the Regulatory  Authorities

  • Submission Guidance: We provide clear instructions and support throughout the UBO submission process, ensuring you understand each step and meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our experts review and verify all UBO details before submission, minimizing errors and ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards.

Updating any changes in the UBO  structure of the Company with the  Licensing and Regulatory Authorities.

  • Change Notification: We promptly update the Licensing and Regulatory Authorities on any changes in your UBO structure, ensuring your records remain current and compliant.
  • Ongoing Compliance: Our team continuously monitors your UBO details and assists in filing timely updates to reflect any ownership changes, maintaining full regulatory compliance.

Why Choose MBG Legal?

  • Expertise in Compliance: MBG Legal specializes in UBO compliance, providing in-depth knowledge and experience to ensure your company meets all regulatory requirements accurately and efficiently.
  • Tailored Solutions: We offer customized services to fit your specific needs, from compiling UBO registers to submitting and updating ownership information with regulatory authorities.
  • End-to-End Support: Our team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire UBO documentation process, from initial preparation to ongoing updates, ensuring seamless compliance.
  • Proactive Monitoring: We actively monitor changes in regulatory requirements and your company’s ownership structure, keeping you updated and compliant with the latest laws and regulations
  • Trusted Partnership: With a reputation for reliability and thoroughness, MBG Legal is your trusted partner in navigating complex UBO requirements and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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FAQs: UAE UBO Sevices with MBG Legal


The Beneficial Owner is the natural person who comes into the ultimate ownership, or who has ultimate control over the legal person directly or through a chain of ownership or control or other indirect means. In addition, the natural person on whose behalf transactions are conducted or who has ultimate effective control over a legal person, owns or has ultimate control over direct/indirect shares of 25% or more.


The declaration is provided by the company’s legal representative, such as at least one of the directors.


Required Data:

    • To fill in the director’s data, such as name, address, ID and passport number.
    • To fill in the beneficial owner’s data, such as name, address, ID number and the percentage of the beneficial owner in the ownership or the right to vote.
    • Structure of the Beneficial Ownership.
    • A copy of the passport and ID of the beneficial owner, director or members of the board of directors


The partner legal person in the trade license must be registered in the data of the Beneficial Owner, as well as the partners or shareholders in the entity of the legal person until the Beneficial Owner is reached.


All companies registered in the UAE, including free zones, must be registered for the Beneficial Owner data, except for public shareholding companies and companies owned by 100% federal or local government agencies, or companies affiliated with companies 100% (wholly) owned by the government.

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