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December 27, 2023 | 10 min read

UAE, a land of opportunities, is now at the forefront of global cause of compliance and has ushered in a new set of compliance regime by implementing various preventive and precautionary measures over the businesses within the UAE.

It is imperative that a company is in due compliance of all the applicable rules and regulations that govern or are applicable to a business. Such regulations include Commercial Companies Law, UAE Labour Law, UAE AML CFT Laws, UBO Regulations, ESR Regulations, etc. as any non-compliance may lead to penal consequences for Directors and Managers as they may be held personally responsible for implementing the applicable.

All compliances require expert hands-on practical legal knowledge. The companies may have necessary resources available but relying on external reliable experts, consultants and advisors would not only save time, costs and efforts but also assure:

  • an updated expert guidance to drive the compliance process,
  • legal consultation, detailed legal reports and opinions on all questions regarding day-to-day legal matters;
  • drafting and vetting of agreements with third parties, revising the contract payment terms or contractual obligation completion terms;
  • advisory on contractual rights and the legal implications and methods to mitigate liabilities and settle disputes with various parties;
  • advice on employment relationships, contractual arrangements;
  • preparation and maintenance of the necessary documentary records and registers from a corporate secretarial perspective so as to comply with UAE Corporate Laws also with UAE CT Laws;
  • current legal updates and information on the UAE’s laws and regulations; and
  • latest support schemes and initiatives launched by various UAE authorities and ministries

through tailor made solutions suitable to a particular company within a particular industry. Such solutions could be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

We, MBG Corporate Services, for more than a decade, have been assisting clients across the region with expert legal services on all above matters through our Legal Retainership and Corporate Secretarial Services (CSS) packages ensuring ready access to comprehensive legal and corporate secretarial services in the market. Our team of experienced lawyers, corporate secretaries and compliance professionals will be available anytime for physical as well as virtual meetings and discussions.

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