Legal Due Diligence of a Manufacturing Company in RAKEZ for an Indian Investor

January 5, 2024

About the client

An Indian publicly listed company seeking expansion opportunities in the Middle East, aiming to acquire a UAE-based manufacturing company with growth potential.

Problem statement/business context

The client aimed to acquire the UAE manufacturing company but faced complexities due to cross-border regulations, potential legal issues, and the need for comprehensive due diligence.


MBG Legal conducted extensive legal due diligence covering corporate structure, contracts, compliance, intellectual property, litigation history, and employment practices. Following due diligence, MBG facilitated the share purchase agreement and provided post-deal support, including license amendments and updating ownership records with UAE authorities.


  • Comprehensive due diligence encompassing various legal aspects.
  • Drafting of the share purchase agreement.
  • Coordination of post-deal activities with UAE authorities.
  • Expertise in cross-border legal complexities.

Timeline if any

  • Due Diligence Phase: 8 weeks
  • Post-Deal Support Phase: 4 weeks

Key geographies delivered

India and the UAE


The client successfully acquired the UAE manufacturing company with minimized legal risks and ensured compliance with UAE regulations. This acquisition positioned them for strategic growth in the Middle East, showcasing the pivotal role of legal expertise in cross-border acquisitions.

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